Bringing a common sense voice to Washington state with a focus on livability and accountability in statewide and local policy conversations.

There are incredible people, elected officials, coalitions and organizations working hard to keep Washington an amazing place to live and do business, but sometimes everyone is stuck in their polarized political camps. We think there is a lot of room in the middle to find common ground for common sense governance that moves the state forward.

ChangeWA is a non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization focused on advancing common sense governance built around smart growth, public safety, government accountability and good governance throughout Washington state. Simply put, ChangeWA is focused on livability and accountability across the Evergreen State by holding local and statewide public officials accountable. 

ChangeWA is focused on delivering clear and consistent voice in statewide and local policy discussions focused on critical issues affecting Washington’s businesses and citizens:

  • Livability
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Common Sense Governance

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