Tell Nancy Backus To Stop Funding Failed Solutions

The KCRHA continues to waste millions of dollars that are supposed to help those who are homeless. By inefficiently spending money on a rapidly expanding bureaucracy and by wasting money on efforts with no data-proven results, KCRHA is not helping all those they could if the funds were administered properly. This is not compassionate to those who continue to suffer on our streets.

If you agree that KCRHA (and the non-profit organizations they financially support) needs to be more transparent, then we need you to take action. We encourage you to contact the nine elected officials who serve on the authority’s Governing Board and demand that non-profits provide reliable data on the number of people they have helped and the cost associated with this effort. Without this information, taxpayers cannot trust that KCRHA is spending their money efficiently and effectively.

Contact Nancy Backus

Auburn Mayor

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